5 Factors That SMBs Should Consider While Switching Over To Cloud Telephony

Today’s businesses are rapidly adopting new technologies.  One example is Cloud Telephony. To meet the demand for this service, multiple different providers have emerged in the market. While it may be beneficial to join the bandwagon and achieve your business goals, it is also very important to sit down and think of the factors that need to be considered while switching over to cloud telephony.

The following factors should be thought of in advance before making a decision. This consideration should be done by all types of businesses, including SMBs (Small and Medium Sized Businesses) and major corporations. After all, adopting a new technology may mean changing certain factors and functionality features of your company.

1.     The Size of Your Business

Why it this important? Nowadays, there are different service providers offering cloud telephony as one of their services. Each service provider also offers several packages. Thus, it requires the need for you to sit down and analyze your business. Is it considered a small business or a medium sized business? Is it even a large business? Your answer to these questions will help you match your requirements to the range of services offered, and choose the one that fits you best.

 2.     The Features Needed by Your Business

As mentioned before, there are different packages offered by several providers. Each package offers different features. Thus, you need to think of the features you really need for your business. This may also call for the need to list the features you need and select the package according to the features you have listed.

 3.     Potential Growth

While the technology behind cloud telephony is generally expandable, depending on the need, it is also good to consider the potential growth of your company. Are you planning to expand in a few years’ time? Thinking of this possibility will make you feel inclined to select the best package that will not only answer your current needs, but also serves as a preparation for your growth in the future.

4.     Cost Effective Disaster Recovery

If you are a little hesitant regarding your move to cloud telephony, think of this. If you simply have your own servers working for your site, chances are, when disaster strikes, your business will most probably be affected. On the other hand, with the advantages offered by cloud telephony, you will have a cost effective disaster recovery for all your data and information.

 5.     Your Overall Objectives

What really are your objectives? Answering this question also involves the need to identify the nature of your business. Do you have a client facing business? If so, cloud telephony can help you in enhancing all the transactions you are doing in your day to day business operations. What are your objectives as a whole? Is it to have an edge over other competitors?

Considering all these factors while switching over to cloud telephony will make you better equipped with the right information regarding your company, your objectives, and the way that this new technology can help you achieve your goals. As a result, you can expect an improved setting in your business.

*About the Author

Michelle Patterson lives in Saginaw, Michigan and is a business consultant. She advises small and medium size business about technology and how they can take advantage of it.

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