Yoga: How true it reduces heart disease risk

The most common form of heart disease affecting humans is the Coronary Artery Disease. The disease portrays acute build-up of cholesterol in the layers of the arteries constituting the heart. The blockage induces a phenomenal slowed down blood circulation. The left auricle functions in generating the signals dubbed as heart beats. As a result of the incrementing inadvertent blockage the muscles keep panting due to the lack of supply of blood to the muscles. Since the blood supply to the muscles are snapped to an instance, the muscles are forced to reciprocate to the bodily functions. The plaques present in the arterial walls of all humans suffice huge pressure in the process which may lead to weakening and thereby a crack in the arterial wall. Again this may concur with unforeseen blood clot in the region. This compromising blood clot, topped with blockage sustaining in the arteries lead to the preponderances of heart attacks.

About CAD

CAD has close association with the irreversible process of aging. Individuals who show heredity in high deposition of lower density lipoprotein or LDL Cholesterol, upheaval in the systemic blood pressure levels, incremented sustenance of diabetes, and higher incidences of smoking or are prone to sedentary lifestyles seem to possess CAD early in their lives. Acute stress, issues causing obfuscating anxiety lead to development of CAD and buildup of symptoms like ‘fatty streaks’ or Atherosclerosis. The blockages tend to move up to 100% if unabated thus forcing into heart attacks of varying severity.

Need for Yoga

Keeping the instances of heart ailments in mind, the Ayurveda practitioners and the art of healing from the ages of the yore let to development of Yoga. It shows sheer improvement in the body’s strength, flexibility capable to controlling issues like blood pressure, respiration, metabolic rates and functioning of the heart. Changes into the demeanor of the Yoga lifestyles involve inculcation of strictly vegetarian diet, snapping the use of tobacco and learn to cope with the incidences of stress and anxieties. Yoga develops improved concentration, healthier lifestyle, elimination of several factors which cause CAD. Importantly, Yoga is not a curative measure but a preventive means which may be used to cope with characteristic affliction. Practicing the corpse pose helps relax the body and result in relieving stress and gnawing tension.

Several Yoga Poses

Practicing a useful breathing technique called Kapalabhati the body gets purified and properly cleansed. Mucus is present in the bodily air passages; the blockages in the regions in chest get relieved. Thus the technique is suitable for purification of the body.

Mountain Pose in yoga instills stillness, strength, improve on the relaxed power and develop immovable stability pertaining to the mountains. The ones who practice this pose are sure to make the body acquainted with stillness thus helping relieve stress to a large extent.

Often women exhibit dilemmas in the menstrual cycle which added up with Atherosclerosis lead to CAD or relevant heart diseases. The cobra pose is ideally a gentle measure of stretching the shoulders, ankles, thighs, hips and back muscles. The gnawing menstrual irregularities and issues pertaining to constipation are dealt with in the Cobra Pose.


Warrior Pose, Bow Pose, Cat Pose and many other Yoga poses also help regulating and maintaining the proper functionality of the breathing systems, strengthening muscles and lowering deposition of LDL. Vegetarian diet quells the anomalies of absorbing cholesterol to a large extent.

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