The Wisedom

Senator Obama is in full swing (in full power) in his presidential campaign and as the latest polls show he is leading against the Republican candidate Senator John McCain.

However from the other side, MaCain’s latest campaign started to question Obama’s qualification as Commander-in-Chief as the democratic presidential candidate obviously missed the points to be categorised as ‘war veteran’. Senator McCain is a Vietnam veteran, and we know what happened in Vietnam. In one of his speech President Nixon once mentioned that he could use atomic weapons in Vietnam but he didn’t. If it would happen then just guess the miseries Vietnamese could bear for centuries like what happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. So Senator McCain is a veteran from that war (and certainly he finds himself more confident as the Chief-in-Commands).

That’s just one point in the election. Other than this, Senator McCain is one of the most honest American politicians. He is highly respected and was the ‘Chair’ to the Senate Investigation Committee for the brutal approach of military tactics in Abu Ghraib in Iraq. Certainly John McCain is very experienced and deserves to be the President of one of the mightiest country on Earth.

But some mistakes may never be corrected again. The picking-up of Alaskan Sarah Palin might be one of his biggest mistakes in political career. How Palin could appear in the main stage of U.S politics is a big surprise. There could be two possibilities: either Palin has been put forward by a strong lobby with special intentions behind it or Senator McCain wanted someone very inexperienced and weak as a mate whom he could easily dominate. Was Senator McCain confused about his authority?—- may be.

However Barack Obama is now on the lead, and getting both Obama and former President Clinton together on the stage is a huge success for the democrats. The democrats picked up the right people at the right time. May be that’s the reason of Obama’s success story.

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