Lady in Red

Research always brings something new, sometimes very interesting results. Just look at the new findings that ‘lady in red’ drives men simply crazy. Agreed?

Either you agree or not, that’s the way men go.

Either it’s a woman dressed in red or a female baboon (she too can attract other part of her life showing red coloring while ovulation is nearing), the ‘driving crazy’ symptom works spontaneously for men. The reason is biological instinct and it’s obviously written in man’s code (by God or who else?). So men just follow the code and keep working hard by jump in……and……jump out. 🙂

There’s no way to call men ‘nuts’ for this hypnotic behaviour. The serpent hypnotized the first man in heaven and although nowhere written but now we can guess (may be) there was something ‘red’ involved in that matter. The great event took place in a time before any time could exist to write it down. That means it was even before the prehistoric clause.

And now study proved it again. 😉

But most of the participants in the research were very young – college undergraduates and fortunately (or unfortunately) the study did not invite any gay man or color blind man to discuss any affair about redly colored women. We understand, gays have no reason to get crazy or excited in this case. 🙂

However, let’s go and it’s better to hear a song. We need a break now:

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