The Fox or M.rex

Rupert Murdoch Rupert Murdoch acquired Dow Jones & Co. last week according to CNN. The aim is pretty simple to entertain and inform thereby enriching readers although the ‘Media Mogul’ knows that “change is often difficult or creates nervousness” 🙂 .

The ‘Talented Giant’ now not only owns Wall Street Journal but many others which include but not limited to

  • Twentieth Century Fox,
  • Fox New Channel,
  • The biggest social network utility MySpace and more, all under his media conglomerate company News Corp..

Now WSJ is a new file on his desk.

Although Ruper Murdoch is criticised for many things, but something is amazing and stands out in the crowd about this very special ‘Man’ – “he is a man of invincible spirit”. His enthusiasm to beef up WSJs online operations just enough to tell others that age is not any barrier, you can always learn and grow (develop).

Even at the age of over 70 he fathered two children. A very active man proved his ‘Manhood’.

Mogul, Tycoon, or Baron is not enough to flag the son of Sir Keith Arthur Murdoch and Lady Elisabeth Murdoch.

He is Murdohsaurus rex., a very special ‘King Dinosaur’ who only rules and conquers. But hold on, take a loooooong breath……………..nothing to fear because he is very “accessible” 🙂 .

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