Green Tea fights against many evils and wins

Green tea As the old Chinese saying goes by “Better to be deprived of food for three days than tea for one”, obviously pointing to the recent days most researched ‘green tea’ and its medicinal benefits. Green tea is part of Chinese culture for several thousands years.

The news today states that green tea may help reducing the prostate cancer risk to half. The component of green tea credited for this preventive effects is called ‘catechin’a powerful anti-oxidant. Not only this, researchers in earlier studies from Medical College of Georgia said green tea may help prevent autoimmune diseases.

In an autoimmune disease immune system mistakenly attacks healthy body cells and destroys – a kind of self-destruction of one’s own health. Common examples of autoimmune diseases are rheumatoid arthritis and Sjogren’s Syndrome. The list is much longer.

From preventing cancer growth to fight autoimmune diseases, green tea plays a very beneficial role. Further research will bring more on this matter and bring health to the needed ones. Therefore it’s good to take several cups of green tea a day and stay healthy naturally.

Green health & a Happy smile 🙂 .

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