The crowded universe

That’s how it starts. Astronomers found planets that though very hot to have life on, but beliefs that we are not alone may come true someday while spotting some pretty cute creatures walking light-years away. 🙂

We just have to wait until we get such powerful instruments of either to locate them or to travel around the universe, or, or in extreme cases some might make a dauntless land on Earth (the aliens: who else could be).

The observatory is in Chile, ‘La Silla Observatory’. The star is 42 light-years away and is circled by three planets each having the size close to Earth. Many stars what astronomers once believed lonely now looks having planets orbiting around them.

Light year is the distance that light can travel in one year. Light can travel approximately 300,000 km per second. So in one year, light can travel approx. 10 trillion km (9.46 trillion kilometres). Now multiplying 42 light-years with this distance, we get about 420 trillion km to travel to reach these ‘New Earths’.

The current Phoenix Mars Lander took 10 months and travelled about 422 million miles, equivalent to 679 million kilometres, to land on Mars. If we go at this speed, we will need about 12,273 years to travel 1 light year or 10 trillion kilometres. That means about 515,466 years to reach these planets. Waawww more than half million years.

So just wait. Let scientists do their jobs and by this time we enjoy travelling the nearby planets and galaxies a little bit 😎

Sources: CNN others: NASA

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