Power of Web to fight the smears

We are not catching the politics, instead we are diving more into the power of internet. Democratic presidential candidate is smartly fighting the smears with the most modern tool available – web.

The site (www.fightthesmears.com) is dedicated to fight the smears/rumours which already surfaced on high-calibre media like Fox. It tells the truth about issues from ‘birth certificate’ to whether Senator Obama is either a Christian at all, or a secret Muslin in disguise of a Christian.

The video (below) reveals the rumour what even some high-profile GOP strategist (Republican Party strategist) did broadcast about Michelle Obama calling the white people of America as ‘whitey’. The truth is no such video could ever found. It only exists inside some ‘very fertile’ brains whose tricky efforts get futile at the end. This is once again shows the infinite power of internet and Sen. Obama is successfully using it to spoil the smearing campaign against his candidacy.

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