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Researcher Uses ‘Shotgun Sequencing’ to Study Microorganisms

Bonnie Hurwitz’s genome sequencing research aims to help doctors offer more personalized treatment plans more quickly.

The rice genome. The grape genome. The original human genome project. You name it, Bonnie Hurwitz probably worked on it in her 12 years as a computational biologist in industry, where she combined her loves for genomics and computer programming. (more…)

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Highly effective new anti-cancer drug shows few side effects—in mice

As injections or pills, drug inhibits an enzyme active in many cancer types

A new drug, known as OTS964, can eradicate aggressive human lung cancers transplanted into mice, according to a new report. The drug, given as a pill or by injection, inhibits the action of a protein that is overproduced by several tumor types, including lung and breast, but is rarely expressed in healthy adult tissues. Without this protein, cancer cells begin the cell-division process but fail to complete it and die. (more…)

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