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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Bounty hunting, or the practice of apprehending fugitives for a monetary reward, is often something that conjures up images of men or women who operates outside of the law and bring criminals to justice through legally ambiguous means. In reality however, bounty hunting, also known as skip tracing, is a necessary part of the modern criminal justice system in the United States. This article will serve as a basic explanation of how bounty hunters operate, their purpose in society and their basic day-to-day operations in bringing those who fail to appear in court to justice through legal means.

As a profession bounty hunting is something that is often romanticized by movies and other media. However, the job is actually a fairly technical and adheres to the same stringent due process laws that cops and courts are subject to. Bounty hunting is also a profession that depends on a thorough knowledge of laws and legal precedent, something that often requires a college-level education that many overlook. (more…)

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