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The French lifestyle Blogger, Rebecca Burger, was a great nature-lover

Rebecca Burger, the well-known 33-years old French fitness Blogger who died last Sunday, June 18, in her home after an unexpected explosion of a whipped cream dispenser that hit her chest so strongly causing an immediate heart attack, was not only a fitness enthusiast, but also a great nature-lover along with a gifted hand in photography.

Let’s have a look at some of her works: (more…)

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UCLA researchers discover new gene involved in Parkinson’s disease

Finding may lead to new target for treatment

In the past decade, scientists have identified a handful of genes connected with Parkinson’s disease. Now, a team of UCLA researchers has identified another gene involved in the neurological disorder. Their finding may provide a target for drugs that could one day prevent or even cure the debilitating illness. (more…)

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