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HoloLens experience provides unique look at one of Ford’s most iconic cars

It’s one of the most enduring legends in race car history.

After a business relationship between auto titans Henry Ford II and Enzo Ferrari soured in the early 1960s, Ford set a single-minded goal — to create a car that would beat Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, one of the world’s most prestigious auto races. The result was the Ford GT40, a slick beauty that dominated Le Mans in 1966, taking the three top spots and winning the next three consecutive years as well. (more…)

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Heißer Herbst für deutschen und europäischen Klimaschutz

WWF fordert ergänzende Klimaschutzinstrumente zum desolaten Emissionshandel

Der EU-Rat soll am 23. und 24. Oktober das EU-Klimapaket mit Klima- und Energiezielen für das Jahr 2030 verabschieden. Doch die Erwartungen des WWF an das Klimapaket sind gering. (more…)

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