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Steifigkeit zählt

Die Aufnahme von Nanomedikamenten in Krebszellen kann durch Änderung einer Membraneigenschaft gesteuert werden

Nanomedikamente lassen sich in kranke Zellen einschleusen, um dort ihren Wirkstoff freizusetzen. Krebszellen jedoch haben Membranen mit veränderten Eigenschaften, die die Fähigkeit zur Aufnahme von Nanomedikamenten erschweren. (more…)

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Ocean’s most oxygen-deprived zones to shrink under climate change

As the complex story of climate change unfolds, many of the endings are grim. But there are exceptions. Predictions that the lowest-oxygen environments in the ocean would get worse may not come to pass. Instead, University of Washington research shows climate change, as it weakens the trade winds, could shrink the size of these extreme low-oxygen waters.

“The tropics should actually get better oxygenated as the climate warms up,” said Curtis Deutsch, a UW associate professor of oceanography. He is lead author of the study published Aug. 8 in Science. (more…)

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