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Amazon.de Launches German Kindle Store with the Largest Selection of Any E-Bookstore in Germany

*Amazon’s Free “Buy Once, Read Everywhere” Kindle Apps Now Available in German*

*Thousands of Free German Classics Available on Kindle*

LUXEMBOURG, Apr 21, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Amazon.de today launched the Kindle Store (www.amazon.de/kindlebuecher), the biggest e-bookstore in Germany, with the largest selection of ebooks including more than 650,000 titles, 71 of 100 Spiegel bestsellers, and over 25,000 German-language titles with thousands of German classics downloadable for free only on Kindle. Amazon also announced that its series of free “Buy Once, Read Everywhere” apps for the most popular devices, including iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, PC, Mac and Android-based devices, are now available in German-language versions. In addition, in response to customer demand, Amazon is now offering the latest-generation Kindle and Kindle 3G with an English user interface directly from Amazon.de. (more…)

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New Kindle Exclusive: 91 Books from Bestselling British Author Dame Catherine Cookson Now Available in the Kindle Store

*The majority of full-length novels from one of the most prolific and successful British authors of all time are available for Kindle and Kindle app customers*

SEATTLE, Mar 28, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Amazon.com today announced that 91 titles from Dame Catherine Cookson are now available as e-books for the first time, exclusively in the Kindle Store (www.amazon.com/kindlestore). The collection of titles, including some which are out of print, represents the majority of the full-length novels from one of the UK’s most-read novelists. These books, which are published by The Catherine Cookson Charitable Trust in conjunction with Peach Publishing, are available from $1.50-$5.99 and can be downloaded exclusively by Kindle and Kindle app customers. All 91 titles are available exclusively to U.S. and international customers on Amazon.com, and to U.K. customers on Amazon.co.uk. (more…)

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New Kindle Exclusive: Seven Books by World-Famous Physicist Albert Einstein

*Just in time for the 132nd anniversary of his birth, seven books by Albert Einstein published by Open Road Integrated Media LLC, only available on Kindle*

NEW YORK & SEATTLE, Mar 14, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Open Road Integrated Media LLC and Amazon.com today announced that Open Road has published seven digital books by iconic physicist Albert Einstein exclusively in the Kindle Store. Open Road has added new photographs and biographical information from experts at the Hebrew University Einstein Archives, introductions written by Neil Berger and new covers to previously published print editions (a portion of which have been available digitally in the public domain) to create new Albert Einstein Archives Authorized Editions of the works. These books are available starting today for download exclusively in the Kindle Store (www.amazon.com/kindlestore). (more…)

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Amazon to Introduce Free Kindle Apps Tailored for Android and Windows LCD Tablet Computers

*New tablet computers coming in 2011 will have access to Amazon’s free “Buy Once, Read Everywhere” apps that let readers choose from over 775,000 Kindle books and read them across the most popular devices and platforms*

SEATTLE, Jan 04, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) — For over two years, Amazon has been building and introducing a wide selection of free “Buy Once, Read Everywhere” Kindle apps to enable customers to read their Kindle books on the most popular devices and platforms. Last year, Amazon tailored a Kindle app specifically for the size, look and feel of the iPad and it has become a top ten free app for iPad. Today, Amazon announced that Kindle apps will also be tailored specifically for Android and Windows based tablets to enable customers to access the Kindle Store, and with it the largest selection of the books people want to read. Like all Kindle apps, the new Kindle apps built for Android and Windows tablet computers will let customers “Buy Once, Read Everywhere”–on Kindle, Kindle 3G, Kindle DX, iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, Mac, PC, BlackBerry, and Android-based devices. For more information about the free Kindle apps, go to www.amazon.com/kindleapps.  (more…)

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New Kindle Exclusive: Bestselling Author Warren Adler Releases Five New E-Books Exclusively in the Kindle Store

*New books by the author of “The War of the Roses” and “Random Hearts” available for Kindle and Kindle app customers in less than 60 seconds*

SEATTLE, Dec 13, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Amazon.com today announced that bestselling author Warren Adler has made five e-books, none of which have been previously published in any format, available in the Kindle Store (www.amazon.com/kindlestore). These books, all of which draw from Adler’s skill as a novelist and his keen insight into the nature of intimate human relationships, will also be available in print editions through CreateSpace. All five books in the series – “The David Embrace,” “Flanagan’s Dolls,” “The Womanizer,” “Residue” and “Empty Treasures”–are available for sale today for $7.95 with the e-books exclusive to the Kindle Store for two years. (more…)

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Amazon Announces 70-Percent Revenue Share Terms Now Available for Kindle Magazine and Newspaper Publishers

*Starting today, publishers can use the new Kindle Publishing for Periodicals tool to more easily add content to the Kindle Periodicals Store*

SEATTLE, Nov 08, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Amazon.com, Inc. today announced that magazine and newspaper publishers will soon be eligible to earn a larger share of revenue from each title they sell in the Kindle Store (www.amazon.com/kindlestore). For each magazine or newspaper sold, publishers will be able to earn 70 percent of the retail price, net of delivery costs. These new 70-percent royalty terms will become available on December 1, 2010.  (more…)

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Amazon Announces 70 Percent Royalty Option for Kindle Digital Text Platform in the UK

*Starting today, authors and publishers worldwide can earn more royalties from every Kindle book sold in the UK*

LUXEMBOURG, Oct 06, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) today announced that the 70 percent royalty option for the Kindle Digital Text Platform (DTP) is now available in the UK. For each book sold from the Amazon.co.uk Kindle Store, authors and publishers can choose this option immediately and start earning a 70 percent royalty, net of delivery costs. The Kindle Digital Text Platform (https://dtp.amazon.co.uk) is a fast and easy tool which allows publishers and authors around the world to add their books and start selling in the UK Kindle Store (and Amazon’s global Kindle Store on www.amazon.com) in minutes. (more…)

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Monster.com’s New Book Available Exclusively in the Kindle Store

*“Six Fundamentals to Building a Lifelong Career” is Available Exclusively as an E-Book in the Kindle Store for Download in Under 60 Seconds*

SEATTLE, Aug 09, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) – Amazon.com (NASDAQ:AMZN) today announced that Monster.com has released the book “Six Fundamentals to Building a Lifelong Career” exclusively in the Kindle Store (www.amazon.com/kindlestore).  

The book, which is currently only available in digital format, will be exclusive to the Kindle Store for one year and priced at $7.99.


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