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‘By the way, I’m visually impaired’: Sharing her disability helped others feel more welcome at work

In her 23 years at Microsoft, Angela Mills has been many things: a consultant, technical evangelist and manager for various products including Windows Server, Identity Management and Xbox Live. She is a polished presenter, compassionate mentor and a smart leader who works well with developers, sellers and customers. Last year, she took a sabbatical and began learning how to co-pilot a plane. (more…)

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Simple Maintenance tips to Save Energy and Money

Article by Michelle Patterson

There are many things that we, as home owners, try to do to keep cost down. One area that can offer great savings is HVAC.  Like any other major appliance, your HVAC system slowly wears down with time. You can help slow down the aging process, and keep from replacing your system before you are ready. There are several things that help with HVAC system cost such as: routine maintenance, shading, vegetation, and service contracts. Learn more about these simple maintenance options below. (more…)

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