Simple Maintenance tips to Save Energy and Money

Article by Michelle Patterson

There are many things that we, as home owners, try to do to keep cost down. One area that can offer great savings is HVAC.  Like any other major appliance, your HVAC system slowly wears down with time. You can help slow down the aging process, and keep from replacing your system before you are ready. There are several things that help with HVAC system cost such as: routine maintenance, shading, vegetation, and service contracts. Learn more about these simple maintenance options below.

Routine maintenance

Regularly cleaning out or replacing your HVAC system’s air filter will help keep the system running smoothly. Depending on what type of system you have this will need to be done monthly or quarterly. Changing out the air filter can help with the strain of air flow throughout your house, and it can also keep utility cost down. Making sure that the vents throughout your house are clean is a good idea, too. Cleaning the condenser unit outside can be helpful, especially during the summer months, when mowing grass can add to the dirt and debris on the unit. These are just some ideas to help with air conditioning maintenance.


During the summer, the heat coming through the windows in your house can cause your HVAC system to have to overwork. Keep curtains or blinds closed can help the system from overworking; also help keep the HVAC system cost down. This will need to be turned around for the winter months, to allow the heat come through the windows. During the spring and fall months, it is a good idea to open the windows and doors to naturally “air” your house out. This will help from keeping your house becoming stuffy, and allow your HVAC system a break from the winter and summer months, which in turn, will keep utility costs down.


While curtains help with shading, so can trees and plants. Planting tall plants by the window, allows for natural shading. Trees help with shading your house, and can help keep air conditioning costs down. Indoor plants can help filter out contaminants throughout your house. It can also you from changing out you air filter frequently.

HVAC Service Contracts

Of course, not everything can be done by you. That is where a certified HVAC technician comes in. Usually all HVAC companies require all their technicians to be board certified before they are sent out to service your HVAC system. These HVAC companies have service contracts that allow them to check your HVAC system for “pre-season tune ups.” These tune-ups insure that your HVAC system is working efficiently. These tune-ups help keep HVAC system costs down, and give you peace of mind knowing that you do not have to worry about something major breaking down on your system. Usually the HVAC service contracts are discounted to repeat customers, and if anything should happen, you are seen in adequate time.

The need to save money is extremely important to most people, yet many individuals do not know that keeping utility and HVAC system cost down can be done at home without the assistance of HVAC contractors. Heating and air conditioning maintenance is vital for your HVAC system to run smoothly. Following these helpful tips were insure that you are not “left out in the cold” when the extreme weather seasons hit. Allowing your HVAC system to run smoothly and efficiently helps it from overworking and sustains the life of your unit. Having a certified professional look at your system routinely will insure that everything is working properly, and that you are meeting your HVAC system warranty requirements, so if a part does breakdown they will replace it.

Author Bio:

Michelle Patterson is an HVAC technician who lives in Lewisburg PA. She loves writing blogs on Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning topics. She started blogging as a way to share her innovative ideas with people or companies involved in the HVAC industry.

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