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Lab Studies Show Promise for New Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

Successfully treating and reversing the effects of multiple sclerosis, or MS, may one day be possible using a drug originally developed to treat chronic pain, according to Distinguished Professor Linda Watkins of the University of Colorado at Boulder. 

Watkins and her colleagues in CU-Boulder’s department of psychology and neuroscience discovered that a single injection of a compound called ATL313 — an anti-inflammatory drug being developed to treat chronic pain — stopped the progression of MS-caused paralysis in rats for weeks at a time.  (more…)

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Osteoporosis Drug Builds Bone in Patients with Gum Disease

ANN ARBOR, Mich.— A drug marketed to grow bone in osteoporosis patients also works to heal bone wounds in gum disease patients, a University of Michigan study suggests.

“This new approach for the treatment of periodontal disease could allow us to rebuild some of the bone that is lost due to periodontal disease, which until this point has been very difficult to achieve,” said Jill Bashutski, clinical assistant professor at the U-M School of Dentistry and first author on the study. “Current treatments to re-grow bone around teeth affected with gum disease have limited success rates.” (more…)

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