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Cubans Say Lots of Sex and Tobacco is Why They Live Longer

Cubans are proud of their longevity, and the sharp mind of Fidel Castrol is a prime example. Certainly the totally free and complete medical care and stress free environment contribute greatly to length and quality of life, as does the the availability of community recreational, cultural and educational programs. A family doctor can be found on every block.

A methodical life with varied food habits, which does not exclude tobacco, coffee or sex, would be the “secret formula” to achieve satisfactory longevity, according to a recent study of more than 50 people over a hundred years old in Cuba. (more…)

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Thank You, Comandante!

Today Fidel Castro can enjoy his 84th birthday, having recovered totally from the poor health which forced him to step down as President of the Council of State in 2006. More than wishing him a Happy Birthday, it is the right occasion to say Thank You, Comandante as the free world celebrates alongside its hero, hopefully for many more years to come.


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