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IBM Helps Altyntau Resources Find Gold in Kazakhstan

Kazakh Gold Producer to Improve Gold Yield with IBM Business Analytics

Armonk, N.Y. – 20 Jul 2012: IBM has announced that it is working with JSC Altyntau Resources, a leading gold producer in Kazakhstan, to provide a new business analytics system to help the company to improve gold yields and increase the profitability of its operations.

The new system will enable the gold producer to centralize and quickly analyze data about its mining operations. It includes a dashboard of important information enabling the company’s management team to make informed decisions about which ore to mine and which extraction processes to use to achieve the best return on investment. Once the project is complete, JSC Altyntau Resources will be able to speed up its annual financial planning cycle from two months to two weeks and ensure that investors are kept informed on the company’s operations and forecasts. (more…)

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