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Älteste fossile Meeresschildkröte entdeckt

Wissenschaftler des Senckenberg Forschungsinstitut in Frankfurt haben die bisher älteste fossile Meeresschildkröte weltweit beschrieben. Das versteinerte Reptil ist mindestens 120 Millionen Jahre alt und somit rund 25 Millionen Jahre älter, als der bisher älteste bekannte Fund. Das beinah vollständige, fast 2 Meter lange kreidezeitliche Skelett der Schildkröte weist alle typischen Merkmale heutiger meeresbewohnender Schildkröten auf. Die Studie ist heute im Fachjournal „PaleoBios“ erschienen. (more…)

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Ancient Giant Turtle Fossil Revealed

Picture a turtle the size of a Smart car, with a shell large enough to double as a kiddie pool. Paleontologists from North Carolina State University have found just such a specimen – the fossilized remains of a 60-million-year-old South American giant that lived in what is now Colombia.

The turtle in question is Carbonemys cofrinii, which means “coal turtle,” and is part of a group of side-necked turtles known as pelomedusoides. The fossil was named Carbonemys because it was discovered in 2005 in a coal mine that was part of northern Colombia’s Cerrejon formation. The specimen’s skull measures 24 centimeters, roughly the size of a regulation NFL football. The shell which was recovered nearby – and is believed to belong to the same species – measures 172 centimeters, or about 5 feet 7 inches, long. That’s the same height as Edwin Cadena, the NC State doctoral student who discovered the fossil. (more…)

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