Some Carrots, Facebook and Youtube

Scientists found that carrots are die-hard fighter against cancer if you cook them ‘whole’. 

What does this ‘whole’ mean? 🙂

It means that you should not slice the carrots into pieces and then cook. Rather carrots should be cooked whole, or more openly saying – ‘complete’ (without any so-called cutting activities). It also tastes better if they are cooked whole as it retains sugar that if you cut into pieces goes lost into the water.  

Research lead by Dr. Kirsten Brandt at the University of Newcastle found that if whole carrots are boiled then it contains ‘falcarinol’ 25% more than if they are boiled being sliced. ‘Falcarinol’ fights against cancer. 

So boil some carrots before being completely absorbed by ‘Facebook’.  

Why ‘absorbed’ by Facebook? 😉 

– Ya, Reuters reported, citing Comscore, that in April more than 307 million unique visitors ‘visited’ Facebook. So it was in April. If the graph will be still growing (as it is expected), the number of people engaged in some kinds of Facebook adventures will rise constantly.  

So as you might know, it’s not healthy to sit in front of PC’s for long time as it can lead to some kinds of ‘health-troubles’, therefore it’s better at least you have some ‘carrots’ on your plate. Carrots are also good for eyes. 

However, they can’t save ‘YouTube’ – our favourite YouTube. While Credit Suisse calculated that YouTube’s loss this year will hit around 500 million dollars, but RampRate sliced it down to around 200 million dollars. So the difference between the two statistics is very high – about 300 million dollars. How could it happen? 


One company exaggerated the losses while the other favoured the video-sharing company and drew the loss significantly lower. But it could be possible that both are wrong. YouTube most probably will be losing somewhere from 300 to 350 million dollars this year. 

However if you feel tense at this point, then boil some carrots. But please boil it whole. 

‘Live Long, Happy Strong’.

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