Human Error

Actor David Carradine passed away. We are sad. 

One of the reasons, we are sad is because we (wanted and) were waiting more (action) movies from the actor.

Whatever the reasons could be, but we can accept it as ‘human error’. We are born to make mistakes. It’s a natural part of life. The normal trend might be that, our mistakes should be within the time frame of our youth, and as we grow old, so we learn and avoid doing errors (or mistakes) in life. So rather than making mistakes, a grown-up, especially old person, should guide and advise the younger ones. But this is not any fixed rule in life.

So everyone makes mistakes. Actor David Carradine is no exception. An unfortunate mistake might have ended the life of this ‘Brilliant Star’ of Kill Bill’s. But the great thing of his life is that he didn’t commit suicide. That would be more pathetic. He died – died from a mistake. We all make mistakes. No wonder here.

And a bottom line of this story could be that when we grow old, it’s better to tight the grip on lust – not to swim with every wave. 

We pray deep for the peace of the departed soul. Amen.

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