Recession only…

Steve Jobs took leave, Microsoft’s planning to cut jobs, Google’s 4th Quarter profit is almost 70% lower than 2007’s and most recently – Britain is officially entering into recession, what’s next?

While President Obama is planning and promising but things going the other way. But of course he is not responsible for all these. He is just trying his best to be a ‘Savior’.

Although media is mainly talking about recession and reporting job losses, but hardly any media speaks how all these have started? Too much capitalism, too much greed, and too many wars might be the reasons that caused the ‘start of this recession’. So it’s not a matter of one year ‘misleading’ the world but a combined wrongdoing for many years.

Nevertheless, hope for the better future is the most positive attitude that we can exercise now. Sure good days are ahead of us. Just a matter of time. Things will be fine again at least in ten years.

Let’s have some ironic fun: 🙂

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