Ring finger vs index finger, finally its your brain

It’s a Cambridge University study, so you would most probably say ‘Woooooww’. But wait.

The study found men with longer ring finger more successful trading in London financial market than their shorter ring finger colleagues. Note that longer ring finger is associated with the greater exposure to the male hormone (androgen). 

Separate study but by the same group found that men with higher levels of testosterone in the morning are more likely to make a ‘big day’ that day.

More exposure to male hormone means those men are more daring, can take risks, aggressive (than and over their more peaceful colleagues), can take decisions fast and so on. 

So it’s the length of your ring finger (visible) but behind the scenes the hormones (not visible), that determines your success. 

Now what to think, whether you are very happy after finding your ring finger longer than the index one or you feel sorry to see it’s the opposite. If you follow it then you may need to go for hormone treatment to get some more testosterone in your body and make everyday a successful day. But if you believe in yourself, you should know your success is the way you think of it and use your brain. Fingers have nothing to do but to follow the instructions they receive from your brain. 

What about those banks and other financial and business institutions that went bankrupt, collapsed the economy, and caused so many people being jobless. All their CEO’s and employees have best results with the highest IQ, and obviously they are very smart (smarter than the average). And sure you will find 99% of them have their ring fingers longer than their index fingers. But what they have made out of it, – . 

And if you are aggressive to be successful then stop. You have too much vibrations going on in your brain. The ultimate results will be like those who went very high-up then ‘pooooof’. 

So be peaceful, use your brain more, think positive, be proactive – success will be smiling all around you. That’s the Nirvana. 

Source: Yahoo! News

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  1. Rose

    Thanks God that it is only applicable for men and women have nothing to do with it 🙂

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