Introducing Genome from Yahoo!, a New Solution Capitalizing on Yahoo!’s Vast Data and Designed to Significantly Improve Online Marketing Campaigns

Data Driven Best-in-Class Technology Uncovers Optimal Targeted Audiences at Scale in a Premium Media Ecosystem

NEW YORK — At Internet Week New York, Yahoo!, the premier digital media company, today announces Genome from Yahoo! (, an online advertising solution that combines Yahoo! data with interclick’s third party data and advertisers’ first party data along with a premium media footprint to provide marketers with the most complete, custom audience solution in the industry. Anticipated to be available in July 2012, Genome is the culmination of a strategy that was put in place last year with the display ad agreement with Microsoft and AOL as well as the acquisition of interclick, which Yahoo! acquired in December 2011, to create a next generation audience buying solution with greater targeting and personalization capabilities.

Genome, designed to leverage data to improve advertiser ROI, can provide marketers with actionable insights enabling them to conduct campaigns that help meet their objectives, and overcome an ever-evolving set of industry challenges that include the proliferation of data, fragmentation of technology, and outdated planning and buying techniques. Genome can help marketers organize and navigate the chaos of the data ecosystem while delivering results that can build brand value, increase conversion rates, and grow revenue. Genome combines the best of the technology, data, analytics and media from Yahoo! and interclick; from Yahoo! — premium media and unmatched user data with proven targeting capabilities— and interclick — unified technology stack, third-party data partnerships and expertise in analytics and audiences.

“Marketers have asked us for a solution that capitalizes on our vast data and our answer to that is Genome,” said Rich Riley, EVP, Americas Region, Yahoo!. “With Genome, we can help marketers transform consumer information and insights into actionable online media executions that enable them to attain the right context and audiences.”

“It is great to see Yahoo! continuing to lead in providing unrivaled access to their premium inventory through automated buying systems, as well as making their data and audience technology available to agency customers through our buying platforms.” said Josh Jacobs, president of Accuen Media, Omnicom’s Trading Desk. “Our customers value the scale and quality of Yahoo!’s audience, and we are excited to take advantage of the increased access Yahoo! is enabling.”

Genome is designed to bring to market a comprehensive online advertising solution that can benefit the entire advertising industry. Key features of this next generation audience buying solution include:

  • Unmatched data set: In order to provide a multi-dimensional view of consumers, Genome provides access to an expansive and diverse data set comprised of Yahoo!’s proprietary data — including registration, search and behavioral data — as well as integrated advertiser information, and data from industry-leading partners.
  • Premium media footprint: Genome allows marketers to directly access Yahoo!’s guaranteed and non-guaranteed premium inventory, as well as inventory available from the Yahoo!, AOL, and Microsoft partnership announced in November, and comScore Top 1,000 publishers – all in transparent and brand safe environments.
  • Actionable insights and analytics suite: From predictive modeling techniques to information design, Genome’s analytics helps marketers sort the big data landscape. This portable suite leverages leading campaign and user analytics to anticipate, optimize, and measure audience performance, turning insights into actionable media executions; marketers can carry their strategies across media plans with partners.
  • Best-in-class audience technology: This proprietary data valuation technology is designed to work with massive data volumes, real-time marketplaces, and multi-vendor solutions, with increased efficiency to help meet marketers’ marketing goals. Genome’s core technology is OSM, an innovative and interconnected technology stack that manages diverse data sources to provide an innovative approach to uncovering optimal audiences at scale, resulting from Yahoo!’s acquisition of interclick.
  • Privacy: As a recognized leader in developing privacy-enhancing tools for consumers and a member of the NAI and DAA, Yahoo! understands the importance of consumer trust and privacy. Yahoo! provides transparency about our data collection and use practices and extends several tools to empower consumers to manage their experience, such as a global opt-out, Ad Interest Manager for visibility and control over specific interest categories, and we’re now among the first in the world to support Do Not Track.


Today, Rich Riley, executive vice president, Yahoo! Americas, joins Billy Beane, the Oakland A’s General Manager, whose story was depicted in Moneyball, and industry leaders on Internet Week’s main stage to discuss the importance of data in a premium online advertising ecosystem.

Yahoo!’s “Big Data Big Solutions” panel at Internet Week on Monday, May 14, 2012, features the following speakers: Acxiom chief marketing officer Tim Suther ; Citibank senior vice president, head of online display acquisitions Michele Morelli ; Michael Lampert, Vice President, Group Director, Media, Digitas ; Sean Muzzy, Senior Partner, Managing Director, NEO@Ogilvy; Yahoo! general manager, audience and performance advertising Peter Foster ; Forrester senior analyst Joanna O’Connell.

Panelists will address changes in the online advertising ecosystem, including the explosion of data, fragmentation of technology, outdated planning and buying techniques, and the need for truly actionable insights.

*Source: Yahoo!

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