How Technology is Changing Kenya

It is not often you think about how technology can affect an entire country, but the upsurge of affordable smart phones and portable internet have made a huge impact on the everyday lives on Kenyans. Not only do people now have access to things around the world, but they also have educational and health opportunities they have never had before. The idea of using smart phones as makeshift computers is nothing new, especially in developing countries. Where the income is limited, a smartphone can be a costly expense. However, having access to current technology will allow Kenyans to expand and grow in the world economy. To that end, here are some examples of improvements that new technology has had in the lives of Kenyans:

  1. Data collection – Before the introduction of smart phones, getting data from far flung areas was like pulling teeth. It was expensive and difficult to do. But now researchers and business alike can find out what they need simply and quickly. Whether it is health data or just the number of people in a community that would be interested in a new general store, this ability to collect data can help Kenya’s economy.
  2. Startups – Startup businesses are flourishing in Kenya, mostly due to technological innovations. When you are willing to work for a faction of the price of developed countries, people will flock to your business. These hard workers exploit the internet access they have now to promote themselves as an affordable quality alternative to others.
  3. Healthcare – In a country where quality healthcare is often difficult to find, the internet has made quite an impact. Now, using online resources millions of Kenyans can find a quality healthcare provider and facility. They can also keep track of immunizations and their health history, and allow doctors to communicate this information in a way that is helpful to the patients.
  4. Information technology – Kenya is leading Africa in the dissemination of information, with new technology providing the force behind them. With innovative data systems allowing Kenyans to track important events, such as natural disasters and violent uprisings, this technology is letting Kenyans lead safer, more informed lives.

Kenya is on the forefront of technology in Africa and looks to be leading the way to a healthier and more developed future. With bright young minds willing to work hard and learn quickly, there is no reason that Kenya cannot become the next big name on the online map.

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