Finally, may be…

Although the second quarter financial reports from both Microsoft and Yahoo! could bring ‘disappointment’ for the tech-concerned intellectuals, but something ‘optimism’ is peeping out of the clouds. 

That’s the deal – the long waited ‘search and ad’ deal. 😉

If the deal happens this time, then it will bring a new momentum in the competition to gain or regain power in the online business. It’s all about online business. 

The more one gains, the more one profits. That’s happening with Google. 

But Steve Ballmer is determined to ‘take a hand’ and so are many from the tech industry. The goal here is to snatch away Google’s monopoly. 

Let’s see what Carol Bartz and Steve Ballmer bring together or make together. As the media reports, the ‘whisper’ is going to get the ‘reality’ sometime next week. 

Good Luck.

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