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Avoid Overloading Your Extension Cords

Electricity is so important in every aspect of our life. Apart from lighting at home and charging your phone, electricity runs machines in factories to make production possible. However, with poor handling, power can be too disastrous, and a simple mess can lead to household, office, or factory equipment damage. (more…)

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Emergency plan has Microsoft Store employees helping people in new ways despite closed doors

Last month, Carl Richardson was commuting an hour by subway to his job at the flagship Microsoft Store in New York City with a scarf around his face as a makeshift mask. At work, he sanitized his hands constantly and helped customers from a safe distance to help limit risk from spreading the COVID-19 virus. (more…)

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IBM and Red Hat Launch New Edge Computing Solutions for the 5G Era

New Offerings and Partner Ecosystem Pave Way for Enterprises and Telcos to Deploy and Manage AI, IoT and Analytics Workloads at the Edge

ARMONK, N.Y., May 5, 2020  — IBM (NYSE: IBM) today at its Think Digital conference announced new services and solutions backed by a broad ecosystem of partners to help enterprises and telecommunications companies speed their transition to edge computing in the 5G era. This effort combines IBM’s experience and expertise in multicloud environments with Red Hat’s industry-leading open source technology, which became part of IBM last year in one of the biggest tech acquisitions of all time. (more…)

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Simple, Low-Cost Ventilator Builds on Available Resuscitation Bags

A simple, low-cost ventilator based on the resuscitation bags carried in ambulances – and widely available in hospitals – has been designed by an international team of university researchers. The device, which is powered by a 12-volt motor, could help meet peak medical demands in the industrialized world and serve resource-constrained countries that don’t have supplies of conventional ventilators. (more…)

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Your Computer Can Help Scientists Seeking Potential COVID-19 Treatments

IBM’s World Community Grid hosts Scripps Research project to help scientists virtually screen chemical compounds that might help fight COVID-19

NEW YORK –IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that anyone in the world with a PC, laptop or Mac and an Internet connection could help scientists seek chemical compounds that might be effective against COVID-19. (more…)

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