Flickr says that by Oct 12 2009, it uploaded 4 billion photos. Flickr was born in Ferbruay 2004.

Facebook says that it’s the largest photo-sharing site with over 2.5 billion photos uploaded to the site each month. Facebook was born in 2004 in Harvard dormitory, fathered by Mr. Mark Zuckerberg. 🙂

Just imagine 2.5 billion photos its 400 million users are uploading each month. So no chance for Flickr anymore. One more Yahoo! Project will be in the trash sooner or later. Yahoo will close it like as it did with other enterprises including Geocities.

Now that Facebook taking full control of banner ads which will be more consistent with the Look & Feel (L & F) of the social networking site, its moving closer to financial maturity, means they will be more independent and not looking for money here and there, and sending delegations to other side of the world to look for generous financial partners.

As time passing by, the networking site is becoming the central point of our internet life, and beyond. While thousands of miles away, you get all the updates of your friend’s and family’s business. The way internet is dominating our lives, it had to come some day. Facebook just made it.

Imagine more than two billion chat messages decking on Facebook everyday. What’s more, starting from today users can integrate Facebook Chat with their preferred instant messenger – so not to miss any message. How they are going to do this: ‘To make Facebook Chat available everywhere, we are using the technololgy Jabber (XMPP), an open messaging protocol supported by most instant messaging software, including iChat, Pidgin, Adium, Miranda and more’.

Wait for a moment for David, the Facebook engineer who is going to chat 24/7. OK good, then when Dave is going to sleep – never. This is Facebook Mannn….., it never sleeps. 🙂

However, as of today, Facebook hit another milestome – now 100 million people are actively using the social network from their mobile devices.

And what we find here – in fact, everything, from politics to mafia. 😉

Mark Zuckerberg kept his name – ‘Zucker’ in German means Sugar and ‘Berg’ means Mountain. So a mountain of sugar will certainly be the destination of all the ants hunting for something sweet. 🙂

Have a great day Mr. Zuckerberg!!!

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