Why killing Google is so difficult?

Ans: Lack of maturity, narrow sense of aestheticism and finally a sound and satisfactory results for searches. Google has all three’s.

When the month-old Cuil arrived in July, many wanted to give it a try for a fair competition with Google so that Google cannot play any monopoly. But Cuil went server-out. It disappointed everyone. Even these days Cuil’s not showing anything good or better than the No.1. So it’s on its way to the bins.

Internet is a very fast thing. Anyone who wants to make a deal must not forget it. You disappointed, and then someone else is there. There’s nothing called an ‘end’ or ‘absolute’ here. Cuil showed an immature attitude towards its users expectations. Reuters report talks about other engines who are trying to pave their way to be a successful search engines.

But from the experiences we have till now, we can say that all will either be server-out or give birth to poor results, or the aesthetic affair is of third quality. One of Google’s most brilliant things is its easy and fresh appearance. It’s simple-looking and very effective. So it’s dominating almost 90% desktops worldwide.


– there will be hardly any competitor or alternative to Google for at least the next 10 years.

Cheers for Google!!!

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