Why be Spiritual?

Before we delve into why one should be spiritual, we should understand what is meant by being spiritual.

Spirituality means different things to different people. For someone it means becoming more religious (religion implying worship of “God” and the teachings of their accepted faith).

It is to be understood that performing ceremonies and customs is the ritualistic aspect of the religion and not the spiritualistic part.

In its simplest form, spirituality means to go within. Even the act of worshipping or connecting with God is actually a form of going within – connecting with one’s own interpretation of God and faith.

What is this going within?

Going within is basically establishing a sort of connection with something within on a sustained basis – Something that provides us with an unending source of energy, irrespective of happenings in the outside world.

So why be spiritual?

Spirituality offers us a way to avoid accumulating stress or emotion.

Being spiritual implies a total non-dependence on any external object or situation. This non-dependency on anything external prevents any energy dissipation.

Once we start being spiritual, we begin to realize the meaningless-ness of several things or issues that we usually give undue importance to. We start seeing the impermanence behind several material pursuits and outcomes, in such a way, that we begin enjoying the process without building upon ourselves the baggage of emotion.

The impermanence of and meaningless-ness behind material pursuits becomes a growing realization which, in turn, conserves our finer energies that we otherwise dissipate all the time. The quality of our wants and desires improve from the grosser to the finer level and this sets up a virtuous cycle with every passing day, the culmination of which is an ocean of supreme bliss, peace and unwavering stability.

Spirituality offers us a realization that this world and everything is in constant change. Change itself is inevitable. Yet, spirituality provides the invisible anchor to help us find our bearings at all times. This, itself, is a sufficient reason to find merit in the spiritual path.

*Source: Health and Yoga

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