Things to know – do and don’t in adolescent

The adolescent age is very much critical phase of life. Every teenage girl and boy when they enter in this age tends to behave differently, which has to be understood very well by the parents, elders and teenagers. This can help everyone including the teenager to grow in a healthy atmosphere, which can help them to imbibe positive values in their lives along with averting them to tread wrong paths. If you fail to understand people of this age, you may end up seeing your adolescent boy or girl going in a wrong direction. Hence knowing the dos and don’ts are important both for parents and teenagers as well. Let’s check out the do’s and don’ts evident in this critical phase of life.

The Dos

Do show respect

At the adolescent age, both girls and boys demand to have respect for them. Hence parents are supposed to respect their privacy by showcasing interest in their likes and dislikes. For instance, don’t try to get inside their room or social networking account and spy them. Always keep abreast with their views, feelings and ideas and explain them in a constructive manner if they seem to go wrong somewhere. Overall, you need to remain positive rather being punitive along with accepting and apologizing if you have committed any mistake. By having some amount of humility, you could go a long way with your teenage boy of girl.

Do listen your teenager

‘My parents do not understand me’, is the usual phrase you hear from the teenagers, however, you could end up empathizing by listening to them the same rule applies to the teenagers as well. Instead of complaining, try listening to them. Listening can help both of them to a great extent by developing the mutual trust and compatibility.

Do enjoy their company and have fun together

Despite you being busy take some time out to be with them. At this juncture, quality is more important than quantity. An half an hour of quality time is much better than so many hours you spend without quality with your teenage son or daughter. You could go together for a movie or eat outside.

The Don’ts

Don’t nag

As per a recent survey, teenagers simply hate parents as they nag often with them. You feel doing so especially when you are feeling low, however, being positive and staying away from these things can work wonders for your teenagers. By being their friends you can simply end up nagging with them.

Don’t try changing them overnight

The teenagers are bound to do something wrong, however, don’t think them changing overnight. This age is basically an advance level of personal development, which is very much sensitive hence handle with care. So better accept them without posing any condition and slowly and steadily talk to them positively and bring them back to the right path.

Don’t take anything personally

You could hear anything from your teenage son or daughter, which could raise your concern; however, you are supposed to be calm and composed rather than taking things personally. During such phase when they are undergoing some hormonal changes, they are bound to flare up on even some trivial issue. You need to stay calm without being egoist. Slowly and steadily handle things with care and lead with example.

Final word

Understanding the adolescent dos and don’ts will help you in strengthening your bond with your teenage son and daughter. But if you fail to reject these then be prepared to push the teenager at a wrong path, which being a sensible parent or guardian, you cannot afford to do so.

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