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New Study Finds Consumption Measures Poverty Better than Income

The U.S. Census Bureau should reconsider income-based poverty measures in favor of a consumption-based method, according to a new study that strives to more accurately identify the neediest Americans.

The report found that the official poverty rate and the Census Bureau’s new Supplemental Poverty Measure—both of which are income-based—do not gauge the extent of poverty as well as a method based on real purchasing ability. Bruce D. Meyer, the McCormick Foundation Professor at the University of Chicago’s Harris School of Public Policy, co-authored the study with James X. Sullivan of the University of Notre Dame. (more…)

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State of Florida Leverages Microsoft Cloud Solution for Census Count

*Built on Windows Azure, MyFloridaCensus.gov helps Floridians identify homes, neighborhoods and communities for 2010 census.*

TALLAHASSEE — The Florida House of Representatives is making one final push over the next month for its state residents to be counted in the 2010 Census, through its MyFloridaCensus (https://www.myfloridacensus.gov) website and Web-based application.


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