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New cybersecurity report from Microsoft details risks of running unsupported software

Findings highlight importance of using modern software to help protect against cybercriminals.

REDMOND, Wash. — On Tuesday, Microsoft Corp. released its Security Intelligence Report volume 15, which analyzes threat intelligence from more than 1 billion systems worldwide to provide in-depth perspectives on exploits, vulnerabilities and malware to help customers manage risk. Among other intelligence, the report examines the security risk that consumers and businesses face when using unsupported operating systems and software and looks at the implications of using Windows XP once support, including security updates, ends April 8, 2014. In addition, new telemetry compares the security of modern operating systems such as Windows 8 with older operating systems such as Windows XP that, according to StatCounter, make up approximately 21 percent of operating systems used today.

The report found these top three worldwide threats for those running Windows XP: (more…)

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The ‘B’ Connection

Do you remember the film ‘The French Connection’, a 1971 mafia sensation. A connection between New York and Marseilles (France). Two sides of Atlantic. 

Now let’s start our story. We don’t need to cross the Ocean. 😉


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