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Licht im dunklen Universum

Mit einer Förderung von zwei Millionen Euro will der Physiker Marc Schumann die Suche nach Dunkler Materie voranbringen

Sie macht etwa 25 Prozent des Weltalls aus und hält wie ein kosmischer Klebstoff einzelne Galaxien und ganze Galaxienhaufen zusammen – dabei hat sie noch nie jemand direkt gesehen: Dunkle Materie gehört zu den größten Geheimnissen des Universums. (more…)

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Interview with Baban Mohamed: ‘Code-switching’, a research project on Kurdish community in Austria

Baban Mohamed received his Master’s degree in English and American Studies (General/Applied Linguistics) from the University of Salzburg in Austria. He has B.A. degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Sulaimania (the Kurdistan Region of Iraq). Since 2005 Baban is living and studying in the beautiful Mozart’s City of Music, Salzburg. His research interests cover the areas of bilingual/ bicultural acquisition, child code-switching and sociolinguistics.

Q. Very recently you published research work titled: ‘Code-switching: A Case Study of Kurdish-German Pre-school Bilingual Children’ as part of European University Studies. Before going deep into your research, my first question to you: What is Bilingualism’?

Baban Mohamed: The book is a sociolinguistic research within the field of child bilingualism about the language and culture development of immigrant pre-school children, the case study of Kurdish community in Austria. The book addresses accounts of how children develop the functions and roles of different languages and how they manage to keep the language systems apart or switch from one to the other – not arbitrarily or due to a lack of competence as sometimes has been suggested but purposefully and with functions in mind.  (more…)

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