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Why we’re so emotionally invested in the semicolon

In new book, alum Cecelia Watson examines history of punctuation’s polarizing mark

The semicolon is a place where our anxieties and our aspirations about language, class and education are concentrated, so that in this small mark big ideas are distilled down to a few winking drops of ink,” writes Cecelia Watson, AM’05, PhD’11. (more…)

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From the Lab to Your Digital Device, Quantum Dots Have Made Quantum Leaps

Berkeley Lab’s nanotechnology enlivens Nanosys’ displays, enhancing the color and saving energy.

Outside his career as a noted nanochemist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) director Paul Alivisatos is an avid photographer. To show off his photos, his preferred device is a Kindle Fire HDX tablet because “the color display is a whole lot better than other tablets,” he says. (more…)

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