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Electron-photon small-talk could have big impact on quantum computing

In a step that brings silicon-based quantum computers closer to reality, researchers at Princeton University have built a device in which a single electron can pass its quantum information to a particle of light. The particle of light, or photon, can then act as a messenger to carry the information to other electrons, creating connections that form the circuits of a quantum computer.  (more…)

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Researchers Develop Faster, Precise Silica Coating Process for Quantum Dot Nanorods

Materials researchers at North Carolina State University have fine-tuned a technique that enables them to apply precisely controlled silica coatings to quantum dot nanorods in a day – up to 21 times faster than previous methods. In addition to saving time, the advance means the quantum dots are less likely to degrade, preserving their advantageous optical properties. (more…)

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Lighting the Way to a Fast, Low-power Optical Transistor

COLLEGE PARK, Md. — There has been enormous progress in recent years toward the ability to use light beams instead of, or together with, electrons in computers. Now, researchers at the Joint Quantum Institute (JQI) — a University of Maryland-based collaboration between UMD and the National Institutes of Standards and Technology — have developed a light-based switch that is a major advance toward the creation of an optical equivalent of the transistor, the centerpiece of most electronic gear.

UMD and JQI scientist Ranojoy Bose, says their new optical switch is not quite an optical transistor yet, but that their new results — which will be published in an upcoming issue of the journal Physical Review Letters
— represent a great start toward creating a usable ultrafast, low-energy on-chip signal router. “Our paper shows that switching can be achieved physically by using only 6 photons of energy, which is completely unprecedented. This is the achievement of fundamental physical milestonessub-100-aJ switching and switching near the single photon level,” Bose says (more…)

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