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Logo Color Affects Consumer Emotion Toward Brands, MU Study Finds

Study shows blue logos invoke feelings of reliability, red logos invoke expertise

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Many studies have shown that a company’s logo is one of the most important aspects of marketing and advertising a brand, or features that distinctly identifies a company’s product or service from its competitors. Now, a researcher at the University of Missouri has found that the specific colors used in a company’s logo have a significant impact on how that logo, and the brand as a whole, is viewed by consumers.

Jessica Ridgway, a doctoral student in the MU Department of Textile and Apparel Management, surveyed 184 adults using generic logos of different colors for fake companies that she created. She then asked participants to describe the emotions they felt toward the fake companies upon seeing each logo. Ridgway was able to identify key characteristics that each logo invoked, based on which colors were used. (more…)

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Brasilien: Soja-Moratorium bis Ende Dezember verlängert: Greenpeace fordert dauerhafte Lösungen

Die führenden Soja-Händler Brasiliens haben beschlossen, das seit sieben Jahren gültige Soja-Moratorium letztmalig zu verlängern. Es läuft bis Ende Dezember 2014. Dies teilten sie am 31. Januar in Brasilia mit. Dort traf sich der Verband der Soja-Händler in Brasilien (Abiove) mit Vertretern der brasilianischen Regierung, mit Greenpeace und anderen Umweltschutzorganisationen.

Mit dieser Entscheidung ist für ein weiteres Jahr sicher gestellt, das Soja aus neuer Regenwaldzerstörung nicht von den großen Händlern auf den Markt gebracht wird. Innerhalb eines Jahres soll verhandelt werden, wie mit Soja aus dem Amazonas ab 2015 umgegangen werden soll. (more…)

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Fast Food Restaurants Dish Up Unhealthy Marketing to Youth; Researchers Release Unprecedented Report on Fast Food Nutrition and Marketing

Children as young as age 2 are seeing more fast food ads than ever before, and restaurants rarely offer parents the healthy kids’ meal choices, according to a new study from Yale’s Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity. The new evaluation, the most comprehensive study of fast food nutrition and marketing ever conducted, shows that fast food marketers target children across a variety of media and in restaurants. In addition, the study finds that restaurants provide largely unhealthy defaults for the side dishes and drinks that come with kids’ meals. The detailed findings of this study will be presented in Denver today during the American Public Health Association’s annual meeting. (more…)

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