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Mit Druck zu neuer Substanz

In einem Hochdruck­experiment haben Innsbrucker Chemiker um Hubert Huppertz den Weg zu einer neuen Substanz­klasse eröffnet. Es ist ihnen erstmals gelungen, ein Borat mit Übergangs­metall­clustern in der Kristall­struktur herzustellen. Die Arbeit schaffte es auf die Titelseite des Fach­magazins Angewandte Chemie. (more…)

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Chute goes ‘Outside the Box’ in new book on contemporary comics

Since joining the University of Chicago faculty in 2010, Hillary Chute quickly established herself as the campus’ resident comics expert. In addition to co-teaching a course on comics and autobiography with famed cartoonist Alison Bechdel, Chute organized a conference through the Richard and Mary L. Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry, which brought together the world’s leading cartoonists for three days of public conversation. The events of that conference are documented in a special issue of the journal Critical Inquiry, which Chute co-edited with colleague Patrick Jagoda, assistant professor in English Language and Literature and the College. (more…)

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