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Breathing Deeply – and Safely – After a Fire

UA researchers are working to ensure that firefighters and first responders breathe safely while cleaning up after fires.

Every year fires rage throughout the Southwestern U.S., placing firefighters and first responders at risk as they battle flames and smoke. University of Arizona researchers are working to make their jobs a bit safer by improving the breathing equipment they rely on to stay alive. (more…)

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Seeing Through Smoke

Sensor gloves detect obstacles for firefighters in smoky rooms

University of Minnesota researchers have taken a step toward providing first responders with a new means of finding their way through dark or smoky buildings.

Lucy Dunne, an assistant professor in the College of Design’s Department of Design, Housing & Apparel, and graduate student Tony Carton, working with funding from the U’s Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station to augment the sensory awareness of first responders like firefighters, designed gloves that use ultrasonic sensors to detect walls and other objects. (more…)

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MADE IN IBM LABS: IBM Inventors Create Warning System to Accurately Analyze, Assess and Predict Natural Disasters

ARMONK, N.Y. – 22 Oct 2010: IBM (NYSE: IBM) inventors have developed a patented natural disaster warning system, which uses analytics to improve the effectiveness and timeliness of post-event rescue efforts in cities and other locations where efficient emergency response is essential following a natural disaster. It also offers a means to accurately predict the location and timing of subsequent catastrophic events, which will further aid evacuation efforts. (more…)

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