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André Mack: How a ‘black sheep’ wine man found success as an entrepreneur

A decade ago, André Hueston Mack stood on a pinnacle in the wine world as head sommelier of Per Se, the renowned haute cuisine restaurant in New York. He had spent years climbing the wine steward cellar in restaurants around the country and was managing an 1,800-selection wine list in one of the most expensive, opulent restaurants in America. (more…)

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Fable Creator Blames Success on Baked Beans, Happy Accidents

*Peter Molyneux, creator of the popular “Fable” games series and head of Microsoft Game Studios in Europe, recalls the highs and lows of a 22-year career in video games – a career that was just honored by two lifetime achievement awards.*

 GUILDFORD, U.K. — April 15, 2011 – Peter Molyneux, one of the video game industry’s most celebrated designers and the creative force behind hits such as “Fable,” “Populous” and “Dungeon Keeper,” credits much of his 22-year career to a happy accident involving baked beans.

It happened shortly after he graduated from university. Molyneux already had tried his hand at game design and business without much success, and was searching for a way to make ends meet. When the father of his then-girlfriend suggested he start a company that exported baked beans to the Middle East, he went for it. (more…)

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