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Paper examines potential — for better or worse — of ‘in vitro gametogenesis’

In Science Translational Medicine, three experts discuss the implications of a lab technology — already far along in mice — that could allow for the creation of fertilized embryos using sperm and eggs derived from non-reproductive body tissues.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — Even in such game-changing reproductive advances as in vitro fertilization or mitochondrial replacement therapy, what has remained necessary is that the gametes — the sperm and the egg — come from the father’s testes and the mother’s ovaries, respectively. But a new lab technology rapidly advancing in mouse studies could upend that biological imperative by, at its hypothetical endpoint, creating embryos from sources such as repurposed skin cells. (more…)

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Chinese medical education rising unevenly from Cultural Revolution rubble

A new research review chronicling the history and current state of medical education in China finds that the country’s quest to build up a medical education system to serve its massive population has produced a rapid, if uneven, result.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — For scores of years after the first medical school opened in China in 1886, the country progressed in building a medical education system for its fast-growing population. Then 50 years ago, it not only came to a screeching halt, but to a full reversal with the Cultural Revolution. (more…)

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Von der Hobbylobby zur Profilobby – Wie erfolgreiches Fundraising funktioniert

Internetkonferenzen wie die re:publica können netzpolitische Anliegen für ein paar Tage ins Rampenlicht der Öffentlichkeit befördern. Doch Politik wird 24/7 und an 365 Tagen im Jahr gemacht. Wie könnten netzpolitische Organisationen sich die finanziellen Ressourcen verschaffen, um das ganze Jahr über Flagge zu zeigen? Wir haben den Netzpolitik-Kiez verlassen und uns bei NGOs aus anderen Politikbereichen umgehört. (more…)

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