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Analyzing the Covid-19 Effect on Tech Wages

Our world had a widespread impact due to the pandemic. If we look at each of the changes, we can understand the magnitude of a microscopic virus. Deaths and economic crises were the most critical points during this stage. However, various industries had different changes from others. (more…)

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How conspiracy theories emerge – and how their storylines fall apart

UCLA research uses artificial intelligence to analyze differences between a true story and a completely fabricated one

A new study by UCLA professors offers a new way to understand how unfounded conspiracy theories emerge online. The research, which combines sophisticated artificial intelligence and a deep knowledge of how folklore is structured, explains how unrelated facts and false information can connect into a narrative framework that would quickly fall apart if some of those elements are taken out of the mix. (more…)

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Coronavirus is hitting larger cities harder. How should they respond?

Data from over 200 U.S. urban areas highlight need for more aggressive countermeasures

Cities are vibrant centers of modern life, tied together by dense and diverse networks of socioeconomic interactions. But the sorts of connections that foster creativity and innovation in cities now threaten to spread the novel coronavirus. (more…)

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Is it Safe to Shop Online Amid Coronavirus Situation?

In just a few months, the coronavirus outbreak is affecting the personal and professional life of all individuals in one way or the other. With the growing number of people getting affected with corona virus in the US, Asia and Europe. The economic and financial activities are probably suffering the most due to this deadly virus. With the help of self isolation practices, it is possible to combat and control this deadly virus. With all major industries being locked down, many people are conducting their business activities online. One such industry which is expected to grow a lot through this major shift is the e-commerce industry. (more…)

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Ancient rocks show life could have flourished on Earth 3.2 billion years ago

A spark from a lightning bolt, interstellar dust, or a subsea volcano could have triggered the very first life on Earth.

But what happened next? Life can exist without oxygen, but without plentiful nitrogen to build genes – essential to viruses, bacteria and all other organisms – life on the early Earth would have been scarce. (more…)

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