Is it Safe to Shop Online Amid Coronavirus Situation?

In just a few months, the coronavirus outbreak is affecting the personal and professional life of all individuals in one way or the other. With the growing number of people getting affected with corona virus in the US, Asia and Europe. The economic and financial activities are probably suffering the most due to this deadly virus. With the help of self isolation practices, it is possible to combat and control this deadly virus. With all major industries being locked down, many people are conducting their business activities online. One such industry which is expected to grow a lot through this major shift is the e-commerce industry.

Practicing retail therapy amidst the outbreak

In the current scenario, where people are feeling low and going through tough times due to the coronavirus pandemic, online shopping is probably one of the most popular ways to cope with these challenging times. From buying the latest smart gadgets to mobile accessories, trendy shoes and chic scarves for women, online shopping can help you feel better as you stay indoors during the lockdown.

Nevertheless, the e-commerce industry is also suffering from various financial fallouts. Despite being online, e-shopping is not as easy as it was before the virus began to spread across different countries worldwide. If you shop regularly online and are shopping even more during the lockdown, you might be wondering about the possibility of getting the virus through mail or courier service.

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Chances of transmission via delivery packages

According to various healthcare experts, there are fewer chances of getting coronavirus by touching those packages which were delivered and rested in the go downs of ecommerce companies at ambient air temperatures. Ideally, there are less chances of getting infected via packages that require days to get delivered at your place.

The infection is transferred through particles suspended in the air or present on the bodies of people when they sneeze or cough. In fact, you need to get in direct contact with these droplets in large amounts in order to get infected with the deadly virus. The chance of transmission is relatively low over time.

Benefits of taking precautionary measures before opening a new package

The time period that the virus lasts on different surfaces varies. For example, it can last on cardboard for a minimum of 24 hours. Nevertheless, it is better to take precautionary measures before opening a new package shipped by an e-store. You can sanitize your hands after opening your package or wear gloves for opening it.

You can throw all envelopes, bubble wrap and packaging immediately after opening your package. This practice is really helpful for those who live with seniors or kids as they are more vulnerable towards such deadly viruses. Similarly, you can opt for such safety standards if you live with someone who has a weaker immune system or is already suffering from an allergy or chronic illness.

How to disinfect different types of material

Apart from cardboard, there isn’t much research on how long the virus lasts on fabric. However, according to healthcare professionals, there are less chances of getting infected by coronavirus via fabric. In fact, one has to be severely infected with the virus before packing a fabric.

Otherwise, there are less chances of transmission of the virus through a fabric. Nevertheless, in order to feel more safe and secure, you can always wash your new clothes before trying them out. You can either machine wash or hand wash your fabric with a mild or an antibacterial detergent.

Don’t panic or stress out unnecessarily

Moreover, it is better to wash those clothes, shoes and other similar items that are going to come in direct contact with your body. However, there is no need to be extra cautious about those items that are manufactured or shipped by those countries that have high number of confirmed cases of coronavirus.

Whether you receive a package from a place which has a right rate of corona virus patients or not, it is equally important to wash or sanitize your package if you have a weaker immune system or have older people around your house who are more likely to get infected with the virus.

Role of courier and shipping services amidst coronavirus

Another major factor that you need to keep in mind while shopping online is the working practices of employees and agents who pack and ship online orders. In fact, all major shipping companies claim to follow all safety measures to prevent the transmission of coronavirus.

If your delivery service is following all necessary practices including wearing masks, gloves and using sanitizers, then there is not much risk in shopping online. Nevertheless, if there is a lockdown in your area, then it better to wait or simply place an order in advance and have it delivered once the situation gets better.

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