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Gericht legt Japans Walfangflotte an die Kette

WWF begrüßt historisches Urteil des Internationalen Gerichtshof zum Walschutz

Japan muss seine umstrittene Waljagd im Südpolarmeer beenden. Das japanische Programm verstoße gegen das internationale Walfangmoratorium, das kommerziellen Walfang verbietet, und erfülle keine wissenschaftlichen Forschungszwecke.  So entschied heute der Internationale Gerichtshof  in Den Haag. Australien hatte  2010 vor dem UN-Gericht Klage gegen Japan erhoben. (more…)

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Critically Endangered Whales Sing Like Birds; New Recordings Hint At Rebound

When a University of Washington researcher listened to the audio picked up by a recording device that spent a year in the icy waters off the east coast of Greenland, she was stunned at what she heard: whales singing a remarkable variety of songs nearly constantly for five wintertime months.

Kate Stafford, an oceanographer with UW’s Applied Physics Lab, set out to find if any endangered bowhead whales passed through the Fram Strait, an inhospitable, ice-covered stretch of sea between Greenland and the northern islands of Norway. Only around 40 sightings of bowhead whales, which were hunted almost to extinction, have been reported there since the 1970s. (more…)

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