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Fast and curious: Electrons hurtle into the interior of a new class of quantum materials

As smartphones get smarter and computers compute faster, researchers actively search for ways to speed up the processing of information. Now, scientists at Princeton University have made a step forward in developing a new class of materials that could be used in future technologies.

They have discovered a new quantum effect that enables electrons — the negative-charge-carrying particles that make today’s electronic devices possible — to dash through the interior of these materials with very little resistance. (more…)

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Dreyfus Award

UD’s Rosenthal receives postdoctoral award in environmental chemistry

Chemist Joel Rosenthal, whose work in renewable energy focuses on the use of solar energy to convert carbon dioxide into synthetic liquid fuels, has been awarded a highly competitive grant to add a postdoctoral researcher to his lab.

The assistant professor of chemistry at the University of Delaware has been selected to receive a Dreyfus Postdoctoral Award in Environmental Chemistry, which provides $120,000 to support a researcher for two years. This year’s award was given to eight scientists across the country, including researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and California Institute of Technology, where recipient Robert Grubbs is a 2005 Nobel laureate. (more…)

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