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Mathematical framework: How a wrinkle becomes a crease

Kyung-Suk Kim and Mazen Diab have worked out the mathematics of how wrinkles form in solid materials under compression — and how, under more compression, those wrinkles can become creases. The mathematics of wrinkles and creases could help in the design of flexible electronic circuits, artificial skin, and soft robotic grips and may help explain brain injuries due to compression.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — Wrinkles, creases and folds are everywhere in nature, from the surface of human skin to the buckled crust of the Earth. They can also be useful structures for engineers. Wrinkles in thin films, for example, can help make durable circuit boards for flexible electronics. (more…)

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Top Skills Needed to Become a Successful Lawyer

Many law firms and other recruiters spend a good amount of time for searching a talented lawyer. If you also wish to pursue a career in law, the following post shares a list of attributes needed to become one of the most sought after lawyer in 2014. Read on to get some useful information.

Career as a lawyer involves handling a wide range of legal responsibilities for their clients. At one time, they may represent a client accused of some crime, while at the other point of time he may fight a case for a corporate client facing a civil lawsuit. One may choose to pursue a law career in any one of the different specializations available such as criminal law, Business Law, Environmental Law, Labor Law, Civil law and Family law. (more…)

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