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‘Wonder at scale’: How Johns Hopkins Medicine plans to change the face of disease

The data is big. Its potential to find cures: even bigger.

At Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore, scientists and physicians are collecting and tapping vast amounts of data from clinical care, genomics – even wearable devices – to better predict disease progression and pinpoint individual treatments. (more…)

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A Metallic Alloy That is Tough and Ductile at Cryogenic Temperatures

Researchers at Berkeley and Oak Ridge Labs Test a Multi-element High-Entropy Alloy with

A new concept in metallic alloy design – called “high‐entropy alloys” – has yielded a multiple-element material that not only tests out as one of the toughest on record, but, unlike most materials, the toughness as well as the strength and ductility of this alloy actually improves at cryogenic temperatures. This multi-element alloy was synthesized and tested through a collaboration of researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)’s Lawrence Berkeley and Oak Ridge National Laboratories (Berkeley Lab and ORNL). (more…)

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