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A doctor’s love affair with medicine and literature

For Anna Reisman, M.D., it was a summer novel that pointed her to a career in medicine. 

As a rising Yale senior and English major with no thought of becoming a doctor, she read Thomas Mann’s classic 1924 novelThe Magic Mountain, a tale of tuberculosis patients at a Swiss sanatorium. Surprised by her own fascination with the disease, she went on to read physician-writers Oliver Sacks, M.D., Richard Selzer, M.D., HS ’61, and Lewis Thomas, M.D. Soon she was a medical student at New York University. (more…)

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Sticky composites

New battery technology employs multifunctional materials

Lithium-ion batteries power a vast array of modern devices, from cell phones, laptops, and laser pointers to thermometers, hearing aids, and pacemakers. The electrodes in these batteries typically comprise three components: active materials, conductive additives, and binders.

Now, a team of researchers at the University of Delaware has discovered a “sticky” conductive material that may eliminate the need for binders.  (more…)

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