Such as the Master, so is….

Recent, very recent incident. Barney bit the Reuters journalist Jonathan Decker at the White House premises. 🙂

So who is this guy named Barney. You guessed it right because there is something ‘biting’ matter involved here. Barney is the pet of President George W. Bush.

Although the innocent and humble journalist Mr. Decker tried to play some ‘koodle-noodle’ game with Barney, but the Scottish terrier got very aggressive.

No surprise. How your nature will be, could be easily guessed from the company you move with. Obviously Barney is most probably the only ‘being’ on Earth who spends a lot of time with President Bush. And you know Bush……………

President Bush took an aggressive policy all through his tenure, finding and defining the ‘axis of evil’ and bombing a decade long embargo-inflicted country. Very aggressive indeed. So Barney simply followed his master and bit the journalist.

But the journalist Jonathan Decker looks very happy being bitten by the President’s dog. Why not. It’s the pet of the most powerful man on Earth. It will be his life-long story. Not really baaaad. 🙂

However there’s a moral of the story. The moral is ‘such as the master, so is the pet’.

So why to blame Barney! He did his job. 🙂

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